Technical Papers

Influenza D Virus
First identified in 2011, Influenza D virus (IDV) has been found in swine, cattle, sheep and goats from multiple geographic locations worldwide. A member of the Orthomyxoviridae, IDV is a single-strand, negative-sense RNA virus with seven genomic segments. Influenza C Virus (ICV) is genetically the closest member of the influenza virus family, although the two share less than 50% protein sequence identity.    Read more

The next generation in molecular sequencing for the detection and identification of viruses and bacteria includes a technique known as metagenomic sequencing. The development and adoption of metagenomic methods in the diagnostic laboratory has greatly elevated the diagnostic capabilities in challenging cases. The process involves a direct genetic analysis of the genomes contained within an environmental sample such as a nasal swab or a fecal sample, allowing for simultaneous detection of multiple infectious agents within that one sample.    Read more

Arthritis caused by Mycoplasma hyorhinis and Mycoplasma hyosynoviae continues to be an ongoing issue for pork producers and veterinarians. In addition to the economic loss (up to $23 per pig), there is the issue of decreased animal welfare due to reduced locomotion, pain, and general discomfort and sickness.    Read more