Autogenous vaccines are USDA approved herd specific vaccines that are derived from the precise strains that are effecting your herds.  They can be bacterial, viral or a combination of both.


Sometimes commercial vaccines are not available for a specific disease or they aren’t as effective as producers would like them to be.  When new or emerging diseases spring up or strain variation allows disease to persist after vaccination, an autogenous vaccine from Cambridge could be the answer.

Quick Turnaround

Commercial vaccines can take up to 5 years before they are available.  With an autogenous, you can have a herd specific USDA approved vaccine in a matter of weeks.  Typical timelines for vaccines are 6-8 weeks for liquid doses.

Strain Selection

Bacterial and viral “isolates” are the cornerstone of autogenous vaccine formulation. With proper diagnostic and sequencing techniques, you can select the right isolates to give you the best possible protection against current disease threats.


Not all problems can be solved using the same one-size-fits-all approach. Autogenous vaccines give veterinarians more options when deciding what’s right for their herds.