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40+ Years in the Industry


Metagenomics / Molecular Sequencing


Meaningful Contributions to Animal Health


Providing You with the Best Customer Care

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USDA licensed 37,000 sq. ft facility with a state
of the art fermentation suite for high capacity
bacterial and viral vaccine production. We have
the flexibility and know how to help you win
against the disease challenges you face.


SolidDose Implants

Concentrated Antigen

Choice of Adjuvants

Expertise in Formulating

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Independent Custom Vaccine Experts

Cambridge Technologies is an independent owner-operated custom vaccine company working with veterinarians and livestock producers to provide solutions to animal health problems. We use cutting-edge molecular diagnostic and manufacturing techniques to manage the entire custom vaccine process and to provide you with the best possible solutions for managing emerging health problems.

Working one-on-one with veterinarians to develop herd health protocols is at the core of what we do. We are not owned by a large multinational corporation with an interest in supporting other product lines. Rather, we are able to stay focused on the specific needs of our customers and to assist them in finding answers.

Custom-Made Vaccines

Custom-made vaccines are used to create a solution to a specific disease problem. When a commercial vaccine is not available or not effective due to strain variability or emergence of a new threat, creating a custom vaccine using wide-ranging diagnostic capabilities can target your specific problem. Cambridge Technologies builds our USDA-approved autogenous vaccines in a licensed facility with strict quality assurance and quality control standards in place.  Custom vaccines are made on the order of a licensed veterinarian.  Producers, contact your veterinarian for further information.

Antibiotics (VFD)

Cambridge Technologies supports antibiotic stewardship practiced by veterinarians and livestock producers. We realize that with the recent implementation of FDA guidance 209 and 213, along with the Veterinary Feed Directive, there will be a need for alternatives to antibiotics for the control of current and emerging diseases. Veterinarians will need to find new tools and technologies to manage these diseases while continuing to provide for the health and welfare of the animals in their care. Cambridge Technologies is on the leading edge of identifying and managing emerging diseases and other challenges as they evolve in the animal health industry.

Four Pillars of Cambridge Technologies

Diagnostics Diagnostics

The experienced diagnostic team at Cambridge Technologies utilizes advanced technology such as next-generation sequencing to identify the exact disease-causing agents and precisely characterize and select isolates that will best meet the specific custom vaccine needs of each herd’s unique health challenges. Diagnostic and research scientists work in a modern laboratory specializing in personalized service. Metagenomics Sequencing…

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Research & Development Research & Development

Veterinarians need a quick, flexible way to deal with current and emerging disease challenges, and custom vaccines and diagnostics offer that tool. At Cambridge Technologies, research scientists work alongside the diagnosticians as they explore new technologies and practices to keep the company, and thus our customers, at the forefront of herd health solutions. Part of…

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Vaccine Manufacturing Vaccine Manufacturing

Custom vaccines from Cambridge Technologies are formulated and produced at our USDA-licensed 37,000-square-foot production facility, featuring a state-of-the-art fermentation suite. Our experienced team adapts commercial vaccine technologies to create USDA-approved bacterial and viral products. No matter the size of the order, Cambridge Technologies can meet your needs. Cambridge Technologies has the ability to customize products…

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Customer Service Customer Service

We are a customer-focused organization, with customer service being a top priority at all levels of the business. Custom-made vaccines require a very hands-on approach with attention to every detail to ensure a high-quality customer journey from start to finish. Each account is personally managed, from diagnostic results to product forecasting and shipping. When challenges…

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