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Versatile Adjuvant Technology

The Versa-Dose Adjuvant system provides new flexibility for veterinarians to build out vaccine protocols meeting the various handling challenges in different types of beef production systems.

  • Adjuvants

    Adjuvants are part of an effective immunization strategy.

  • Supply & Quality

    Cambridge adjuvants are produced internally and not dependent on 3rd party suppliers – no supply issues.

  • Experience

    More than 50 years of combined adjuvant experience and over 100 million doses delivered through veterinarians to producers.

The goal of any vaccination program is an effective immune response in a client’s herd. Immunization is impacted by antigen selection, complimentary adjuvant selection, animal’s health and nutritional status.

Adjuvant selection plays a major role in the animal's ability to
recognize vaccine antigens and start an immunological response.

  • With over 400+ combined years of precision autogenous vaccine manufacturing experience, the scientists at Cambridge Technologies have developed precision adjuvants to optimize the immune response. This experience in combination with their world class diagnostic approach provides you an exceptional strategy to limit the economic impact of viral and bacterial agents in your client’s herds.

  • Adjuvants created by the scientists at Cambridge Technologies consistently exceed expectations with over 100 million autogenous vaccine doses administered nationwide in a broad range of production settings. This lends confidence to our approach of using science to develop reliable solutions.

  • Early in the vaccine manufacturing process, one of our Technical Services Veterinarians will work with you to match the best adjuvant to your specific situation. Once all of your needs have been identified, we will build a precise autogenous vaccine with the appropriate adjuvant for a reasonable price.

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