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Pinkeye Disease Damage


Decreased weight gain


Treatment costs


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Mycoplasma Bovoculi

One of the challenges to successful cattle pinkeye vaccination is the diversity of the organisms associated with this disease. Multiple organisms including Moraxella bovisMoraxella bovoculi, and potential mycoplasma bovis and Mycoplasma bovoculi can be isolated from affected eyes.

Pinkeye PCR Multiplex

Bovis and Bovoculi

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We’ve developed a Pinkeye PCR multiplex to test for four agents associated with pinkeye in one convenient test.

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Next Generation Sequencing


Once we’ve identified the organisms present in your herd, we can use next-generation sequencing to characterize and compare your isolates, giving you the information needed to design a herd-specific vaccine.


Vaccines are available in traditional liquid form or a 2-in-1 implantable pellet. SoliDose® Dual Dose Implants save time and money by eliminating the hassle of running your cattle through the chute a second time and ensuring your cattle get their second dose.



Good sampling and handling practices will help achieve the goal of isolating the pathogens that are impacting your herd.

Getting started with Cambridge Diagnostics is as easy as 1-2-3

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Precision Vaccinology

Next Generation Diagnostics + Quality Custom Manufacturing

Cambridge Technologies uses Precision Vaccinology®, a combination of Next Generation Diagnostics and Quality Custom Manufacturing, to help veterinarians find solutions to herd health problems.

It starts in our full-service diagnostics laboratory, featuring next-generation sequencing, new techniques to identify all viruses, and bacteria in samples from a herd. We use the data to select the best candidates for a herd-specific vaccine which we custom manufacture for the veterinarian with formulations optimized to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to identify emerging pathogens, prevent diseases they may cause, and reduce dependence on antibiotics.

Most calf raisers give nine to fourteen injections before day 60 of age in a calf. I can take it down to one. That’s a no-brainer.


In a veterinary practice, our job is to enhance animal health and reduce client costs, and we like to see those results. They (Cambridge) aren’t MBAs trying to drive the bottom line. They’re trying to maximize animal health. They enjoy doing that.


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Diagnostic Databridge

Bridging the gap between Clinic, Veterinarian, and Diagnostic testing results using secure cloud-based storage, and giving you the tools for a proactive approach to herd health management. Click here to get started.

We manage each account personally and work for you throughout the process from start to finish. We are ready to help you with diagnostics results, isolate management, product forecasting, non-adjacent paperwork, inventory management, and much more.