Successful diagnosis and isolate selection is at the foundation of the custom vaccine process. Veterinarians can depend on Cambridge Technologies for precise, technology-driven answers with a quick turnaround. Our experienced staff puts service at a premium and strives to optimize every customer’s experience.

Research & Development

Just as animal health challenges continue to evolve, Cambridge Technologies will continue to stay on the cutting-edge of diagnostic and vaccine production technology. Our innovative R&D team has experience in both custom and commercial vaccine development. They will use their knowledge to push our company forward – and thus ensure that our customers are equipped with the latest in herd health tools.


Our Vaccine Production team comes to Cambridge with backgrounds in both custom and commercial vaccine production, diagnostics, R&D, quality control, and regulatory affairs. They have the technology to formulate a product that is truly customized and unique, and they keep the customer involved in the entire process ensuring transparency and satisfaction. Our vaccines are formulated and produced at our 37,000-sq.ft., USDA-licensed production facility, which includes a state-of-the-art fermentation suite. Commercial technologies will be adopted to create the bacterial and viral custom solutions that today’s veterinarian needs.

Customer Service

We are a customer focused organization, with customer service being a top priority at all levels of the business. Custom made vaccines require a very hands on approach with attention to every detail to insure a high quality customer journey from start to finish.  Each account is personally managed, from diagnostic results to product forecasting and shipping. When challenges arise we work as a team across departments to be accessible, flexible, and responsive to our customers’ needs. Our people are familiar with the unique needs of today’s veterinarians and will go the extra mile to ensure a smooth experience for both familiar faces and first-time orders.