Autogenous Biologics

from Start to Finish

Autogenous Biogenics

from Start to Finish


Established Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR)

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Disease Challenges

that require a custom solution due to no commercial vaccine availability or genetic changes of pathogens.

Diagnostic Sample Kit

Diagnostic Samples

Request a free sampling kit or have your isolates transferred from another lab.


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  • Sample Tracking

    Alert the lab of incoming samples and email notification when your samples have arrived at the lab.

  • Customer Portal

    Results 24/7

  • Isolate Reports

    Surveillance and monitoring

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  • qPCR Multiplex

  • Genetic Sequencing

  • Expert Isolate Selection


Autogenous Biologic Creation

Our team of experts will put together the herd specific biologic with customized options.

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    Adjuvant Choice

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    Route of Administration

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    Dose Size

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    Bottle Size

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    Label Color

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    Implant or Liquid


Manufacturing and Quality Release

An autogenous biologic goes through the same safety and purity testing as a commercial vaccine. We take this seriously and use science, experience, and research to create your herd specific biologic.


  • Isolate Management

  • Product Forecasting

  • Inventory Management

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Non-adjacent Herd Use

At the time of order, our regulatory team starts your state vet submission and will help you through the process of using an autogenous biologic in herds that are linked by epidemiology and disease risk ­— on the road or in the office, phone calls or zoom calls to help you complete the paperwork.

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Autogenous Vaccine

  • 18-month expiration
  • Maintain VCPR
  • Keep sampling
    Best results occur when you keep sampling to monitor for genetic drift in your area and to keep an up to date bank of isolates.

We manage each account personally and work for you throughout the process from start to finish. We are ready to help you with diagnostics results, isolate management, product forecasting, non-adjacent paperwork, inventory management, and much more.